I started therapy. It’s been useful. She’s helping me creae and stick to routines.

First up, I wanted to write more often. The assignment? Write something every day. Even if it’s just one sentence – or even one word. So I’m gonna start tonight. I can’t decide if I’m gonna write here or on paper. If it’s on paper, I’ll post a transcript weekly.

We shall see what I decide.


It really shouldn’t be this fucking hard to get help.

There are literally only 5 psychiatrists near me that accept my insurance.

Two are for children. Two are only doing meds, not therapy.

That leaves one option. Now I’m just waiting for a call back.

I hope he’s decent.

And people wonder why people with mental health don’t get help. It’s hard enough to get yourself to the point where you’ll ask for the help… then when you finally do, it’s a fucking obstacle course just trying to find the help.

My brain is enough of an obstacle – finding help shouldn’t be.

So goddamn frustrating.